What is tender?
How public enterprises detect their needs?
How they procure these needs?
What is the procedure of tender and procurement applied by public enterprises?
What is open tender?
what is tender between certain tenderers?
What is bargain tender?
What is direct supply?
Can every tenderer join the tender?
What are the protocols to process on "EKAP"?
How to follow tenders?
Can tender publications and documents be objected?
What are the tender documents?
How to review the technical spesification?
How to review contract draft?
what is joint venture in tender?
What is work experience document?

What is temporary assurange and permanent assurance, when they can be taken back?

How to prepare tender offer envelope?
Which documents must be inside the envelope?
How to deliver tender offer envelope?
Can a given envelope be taken back?
Can tenderer withdraw the offer after giving the offer?
How do the tender commissions form, how do they work, how do they decide?
How to protect our rights while tender process?
Can we object to tender commission decisions?
When and to where tender objections made?
Can tender commission decisions change?
How to sign tender contract?
How to check works about tender, how to receive?
Is there any penalty while tender process?
When the payment can be taken?
Do our responsibilites continue during warranty period?